Eye tracking for Remote Weapon Station

Your Role

We are building Combat Systems & C4I solutions for every type of naval platform, ranging from combat boats and patrol boats, to frigates and aircraft carriers, as well as submarines. One of our products is a Remote Weapon Station. Targets are displayed on a monitor using a camera and the operator can “lock on” to a target using a built-in video tracker.

New technology opens up the possibility to use a standard eye-tracker. In other words, the Remote Weapon Station will follow the target that the operator is watching through the eye-tracker. We want to evaluate the opportunities of integrating an eye-tracker to the system.

You have the freedom to choose your own direction within the area but we suggest the following approach: 1) a state-of-the-art analysis, e.g. eye-tracker and eye-tracking for military applications 2) suggest how an eye-tracker should be integrated to the Remote Weapons Station and quality attributes to evaluate the solution  3) create a prototype based on your own design solution

Your Profile

We hope to get acquainted with a curious and positive student with great passion who want to help us explore the latest technologies and trends in the software field. Desired areas of study include computer science, distributed systems, computer networks, information technology, systems engineering or machine learning.

This work can be done by 1-2 students