Master’s Thesis: Dynamic Libs in Cloud/IOT systems


With the increasing number of resource limited IoT hardware devices, there is a growing need for lightweight software solutions. In classical computer systems, the trend during the last decades have been for software to become bigger and bigger as the available capacity have been growing exponentially. With IoT, there is a hard shift in the available resources, so we need new design principles to find a trade-off between size and functionality.


We have an idea for a new design principle, where the cloud is used to store runtime libraries and swap them in on-demand. There are many ways to apply such a principle. For example, it could be used as a deployment mechanism (loading libs on startup, to get continuous software updates) or dynamically during runtime by having a wrapper function that fetches libraries on-demand.

We want you to investigate this topic, and to implement a proof-of-concept to explore the trade-offs between processing time, RAM usage, disk usage, network usage and other parameters. If you are interested, you could also have a focus on the security implications of running software with such tight coupling to the cloud.


  • Literature study: What similar approaches exists today?
  • Architectural design: Outline the architecture and algorithms for one or two feasible approaches.
  • Development and evaluation: Implement a solution based on your design, which you use to evaluate this novel software paradigm.


We will provide expertise and resources to aid your research effort, and we are happy to listen to your suggestions on how to make this project “your own”. We will provide you with a cloud playground in AWS where you will have the resources needed to create the proof-of-concept implementation.

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(Master Thesis work is suitable for two students)