Master’s Thesis: Network simulations in container orchestration

We want to investigate alternatives for simulating networks in a containerized environment.


Tools like NS3 and OMNET++ have proven to be useful in research community, and we want to find a similar simulation for simulating networks in the context of a containerized application. The goal is to create an environment where latency, packet drop rate, bandwidth and other parameters can be changed on-demand to simulate different real-world scenarios. NS3 might be viable in lab environments, but can be hard to apply in production-like environments.


As far as we know, there are few tools for network simulations in container orchestration tools (e.g., Kubernetes). We want to find out if this is a viable approach, as well as what alternatives there might be. We suggest modifying the Network Policies in Kubernetes to create a proof-of-concept where an existing tool can be hooked in to modify packets on-the-fly.

With the proof-of-concept in place, we hope to be able to compare different approaches and validate the platform by running it in a real microservice based application. We think this can be a valuable contribution to the research community, since it would aid in validation of distributed systems.


We will provide expertise and resources to aid your research effort, and we are happy to listen to your suggestions on how to make this project “your own”.

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(Master Thesis work is suitable for two students)