Webinar: OT-security in the energy sector

There is an increasing number of cyberattacks targeting production and distribution environments within the energy sector due to the increased digitalization.

In many aspects, the resilience of the energy sector is greatly increased by digitalization as it enables the use of a complex and widening array of decentralized resources and improved efficiency, thereby increasing operational accessibility, productivity, sustainability, and safety. At the same time, digitalization presents new challenges.

In this webinar we will discuss the growing need for security in these systems and networks. We will further discuss what can be done to secure both hardware and software and how to improve redundancy, resilience and robustness.

Register here (the webinar will be held in english)


John Lindström, OT Security Lead at Combitech AB

John Lindström, Professor (ret) EMBA CISSP, has a background from various industries (e.g., manufacturing, process, IT, and medtech) as well as academy. He works with cybersecurity and OT-security plus production development and Zero-Defect Manufacturing.

John will give a short lecture on Operational Technology (OT) security. OT is the processindustrial IT and control systems etc. used in production and distribution environments, and is used in energy production and distribution, process- and manufacturing industries, critical infrastructures, etc.

Barak Perelman, VP of OT Security at Tenable

The Perfect Cybersecurity Storm - Over the past number of years, a confluence of trends have made the security of industrial operations take center stage in the C-Suite. The convergence of the IT and OT environments, migration of once isolated OT environments to IIoT, and of course increased targeting of industrial networks just to name a few.

With the emerging trend, there are misconceptions, misinformation and confusion in the market. Join us, where we will crack the myths that have evolved in ICS security. We will provide you with a virtual “buying guide” that provides you with the latest intelligence from the front line and criteria you should not ignore when evaluating what you need to secure your OT environment from unacceptable risk.

Anders Åhlgren, CISO at Jönköping Energi

Anders is CISO at Jönköping Energi in Sweden. Anders also works for the European Commission DG ENER with Network codes on Cybersecurity for the European electric energy sector.

Anders will talk about challenges, threats and needs in an energy sector that is moving from a traditional OT-environment to a more and more connected and complex sector. Anders will also talk about the network codes and what it means for the transmission and distribution system operators in Europe.